Radon licensing requirements for Minnesota

- It’s official, radon licensing has arrived in Minnesota. As of today, January 1st, anyone who does a radon test in a building that they don’t own or lease will need to be licensed by the Minnesota Department of Health. The same was supposed to go for the installation of radon mitigation systems, but a tempory injunction has put a halt to that. ..More

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A short interview with Reuben about becoming a home inspector

- I believe that more women are entering this profession, and the number of multi-inspector companies is increasing. For anyone who is considering a career in home inspections, I recommend first going along on some inspections with an experienced home inspector to get a better idea of what’s involved. Next, you’ll need to decide if you’d rather work for a home inspection company or you’d rather be self-employed. This profession has traditionally been dominated by one-man shops, but that dynamic is beginning to change. ..More

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Guards that make a ladder

- Personally, I don’t report on this type of detail because I feel that the hazard level created by the ladder-effect is quite low. If a home inspector feels that this type of guard is unsafe, they can report it as such. They could say that this type of guard could be climbed like a ladder and may create a safety hazard for children. There’s nothing wrong with a home inspector pointing this out, provided they don’t call it a code violation. ..More

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Are re-inspections necessary?

- When a home buyer asks a seller to make repairs to a property after a home inspection, how do the repairs get verified? Do they get verified? Do they need to be verified? I discussed this during last week’s blog post, and I had another home inspector ask why we even do re-inspections. ..More

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Gas appliance categories

- Most Category IV vents are made from PVC, but some older vents may use ABS. The vents also need to be airtight and watertight. Poke a hole in the vent and exhaust gas will leak out. . Category IV: The vent relies on a fan to push the flue gases out, and it’s a condensing appliance ..More

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