Gas Appliance Connectors

- The old connector obviously isn’t; it’s made from brass, or so I’ve been told. To quickly spot the difference between the old and new connectors, you can usually just look at the outside jacket. As you can see, they’re made from different materials. Old connectors will typically have a grey coating, like the one shown above left, a braided stainless steel jacket like the type shown below, or they’ll obviously be made of uncoated brass like the one shown far below. . The new gas connector, which complies with ASNI Z21. 24, is made from stainless steel ..More

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Does the seller need to fix this?

- The seller has no motivation to do high-quality work, and I know from experience that the work will often be performed incorrectly, or the work will be sub-par and the materials will be the cheapest possible. Often both. Ask the sellers to make repairs. . I’m not a fan of this option. If a seller has performed work at their home and it was done wrong, why would they get it right the second time? When a buyer asks a seller to repair things, they are basically making the seller the general contractor for their new home ..More

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Whole-House Humidifiers Harm Houses (still)

- For example, with an outdoor temperature of 20°F the correct setting will be 35% RH. ”. If the temperature is expected to fall to 0°F, then merely reduce the setting to 25% several hours prior to the temperature change. . “it is important to anticipate a drop in outdoor temperature and reduce the setting accordingly to avoid excessive condensation ..More

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Guards that make a ladder

- Shortly after I had shared a photo of a beautiful stairway, another home inspector piped in saying that while the stairway looked cool, it didn’t meet code. . Is it wrong to have a stairway or deck guardrail constructed with horizontal balusters or cables that could be climbed like a ladder? This topic came up in a discussion on a private Facebook group for home inspectors a few weeks ago ..More

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Minneapolis Time of Sale Energy Disclosure

- ” . The folks designing this program seem to think so too. Ideally, any disclosure requirement would not add significant cost to this.  According to the CEE paper that I linked to above, “a Minneapolis homeowner can expect to pay about $150 ‐ $250 for a Truth‐in‐Housing inspection from City‐licensed inspectors. . In order for this program to be viable, I believe that the additional cost to homeowners will need to be minimal ..More

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