Hot circuit breakers and dimmer switches

- Have this corrected. The dimmer switch for the kitchen lights was rated for up to 600 watts, but the wattage at the lights was more than this; there were ten 65-watt bulbs on this circuit. This caused the front of the switch to get extremely hot, and creates a potential fire hazard. ..More

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Should home inspectors trample insulation? No.

- Once done, I do my best to ‘fluff up’ the insulation or kick it back over to help cover my tracks. It’s not perfect, but it’s not a big deal from an energy standpoint. That’s not to say I’ve never left footprints in attics; I’ll do it if I have a very compelling reason to. ..More

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Air admittance valves

- AAVs aren’t allowed. If you’re reading this and you know the exact details, please leave a comment. If my memory serves me correctly, there was some confusion about this back in 2004 (?), and there was a loophole in the plumbing code which may have made them legal for a month or two, but that didn’t last long. Our old home-grown plumbing code used to specifically prohibit the use of air admittance valves (AAVs), but the new plumbing code that was adopted in 2016 is silent on the matter, which means the same thing. ..More

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New home inspection tool: glass suction cup

- Sometimes this is caused by a window that doesn’t fit in the frame properly, sometimes damaged hardware, or possibly missing hardware. Every experienced home inspector has surely come across dozens of crank-out windows that wouldn’t crank closed properly. ..More

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Banging pipes are caused by water hammer

- These early-edition water hammer arresters worked fine until all of the air was absorbed into the water. The animation below shows what would happen to these early-edition water hammer arresters over time. . After that happened, these ‘air chambers’ became waterlogged and useless ..More

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