Animals, skeletons, and creepy home inspection stuff, part 3

- . I had no idea we had porcupines in the city until I found this carcass. Here’s a dead porcupine that I found inside a garage in South Saint Paul ..More

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Hot circuit breakers and dimmer switches

- . I can’t say this. I’d like to say that if a circuit breaker is X-degrees over ambient, it’s a problem… but there’s just no hard and fast rule for this ..More

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Bedroom ceiling height and floor area requirements for 1.5-story homes

- . According to section R305 of the Minnesota State Building Code, this applies to habitable space, hallways, bathrooms, toilet rooms, laundry rooms, and portions of basements containing these spaces. For new buildings, the minimum allowable ceiling height is 7′ ..More

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Carbon monoxide = CO (houses don’t need CO2 detectors)

- False: Backdrafting at a furnace or water heater means CO is filling up the home. Backdrafting means that exhaust gases are spilling back into the home, rather than leaving through the vent. It will always contain CO2 (carbon dioxide), which can cause sickness and headaches in higher concentrations. . Backdrafting has the potential to fill the home with CO. A properly functioning water heater or furnace will not create high levels of CO. Not that this is ok. Even if a properly functioning furnace or water heater backdrafted into a home all day long, you might not ever see an elevated level of CO. This should still be considered a hazardous situation that requires immediate correction ..More

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Whole-House Humidifiers Harm Houses (still)

- Unfortunately, many of these units are installed without the outdoor temperature sensor, and the installer simply switches the operation mode from automatic to manual. There’s a little switch that’s hidden behind the control panel cover for this. ..More

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