Gas appliance categories

- For a Category III or Category IV appliance, most of the information will come directly from the manufacturer’s installation instructions. A quick Google search of “<model#> installation instructions” will almost always get me what I’m after. To determine if an appliance is properly installed, both the codebook and the manufacturer’s installation instructions must be followed. In general, however, most of the information for a Category I appliance vent comes from a codebook. ..More

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Are combustion air ducts needed for large basements?

- Section 304. 1, exception 4, says that combustion air may be determined by using Table 304. Most HVAC contractors seem to wisely ignore the provisions of section 304. 5, and they simply install a combustion air duct anyway. . 1. This is an easy-to-follow table that determines the required size of a dedicated combustion air duct, which brings in combustion air from the outside ..More

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Air admittance valves

- No leaks. That’s a valid concern, so I tried testing a bunch of AAVs to see if I could get them to leak. . I set up a sink in my garage and blocked off the drain, and let the water go. I even turned the vents upside down, and nothing leaked out. Another concern with an air admittance valve is that it might leak if there is a sewage backup ..More

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Transite vs. sub-slab ducts

- This means that the ductwork probably shouldn’t be cleaned, for risk of creating an environmental hazard. The cut edges of this material are often rough and have the potential to release microscopic asbestos particles into the air if disturbed. . The term for this condition is “friable”. If you hire them to clean your ducts, they’ll clean your ducts.  Don’t expect your duct cleaner to know this, however. So what’s the concern with actual transite sub-slab ductwork? Asbestos ..More

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Consumers’ Checkbook response

- The inspections were labeled superficial and the inspectors were called lazy, sloppy, and ding-dongs. . Each one of these articles gives the impression that the story takes place in that particular city. The basis of each article is that Consumers’ Checkbook rented a three-bedroom house, hired 12 home inspectors to inspect the home, and the inspectors did a poor job of inspecting to a standard that doesn’t exist ..More

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