Air admittance valves

- . AAVs should not be confused with check vents, which are cheap devices that aren’t approved for use outside of manufactured homes. Studor vents completely dominated the market for AAVs for a long time, but today there are several competitors to choose from. More on the history of Studor vents here. Note: these devices are frequently called Studor vents, named after the original inventors of these devices, Sture and Doris ..More

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How to replace a shutoff valve the easy way: use a SharkBite®

- . SharkBite® isn’t the only brand, but it’s certainly the most well-known. Got a leaking shutoff valve at your sink or toilet? The repair can sometimes be a quick and easy process, thanks to SharkBite® fittings and other brands of push-fit fittings ..More

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Walabot Wall Scanner demonstration

- . The price recently dropped from $100 to $50 and a couple of people in my company asked about it, so I ordered one to test it out. I’ve seen several online advertisements for it and I’ve been curious, but I wasn’t willing to fork over $100 to find out. I made a video showing how it works. The Walabot DIY Wall Scanner is essentially a glorified stud finder for Android phones ..More

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Flashlight review: Fenix TK72R

- . It’s a power bank. Cool stuff. This flashlight has a built-in micro-USB charging port, as well as a full-sized USB port that can be used to charge other devices ..More

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Should home inspectors trample insulation? No.

- . While inspecting an attic on a very nice Eden Prairie home many years ago with Jim, my inspection of the attic caused a pretty nasty plumbing leak. I haven’t always been lucky in attics, however. While walking around in a minimally-insulated attic, I accidentally stepped on a concealed plumbing vent. I thought I was stepping on framing, but the plumbing vent was hidden below the insulation. I felt the vent move a little but didn’t think anything of it.  I pushed away some of the insulation to check for an attic bypass around the plumbing vent, and sure enough, there was no sealant around the vent, so I took a photo. See below ..More

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