What’s faster: vented or unvented drains?

- This is contrary to the water-bottle analogy that so many plumbers and home inspectors frequently talk about. . As I said in my blog post Plumbing Vents, Why Houses Need Them (forget the water bottle analogy), plumbing vents don’t make things drain faster; they protect traps. What drains faster, a vented or unvented drain? For every side-by-side test that I have ever conducted, the unvented drain is faster ..More

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Gas appliance categories

- There’s a ton of code-related information on how to properly vent a Category I appliance. . The instructions for venting these appliances can be found in a codebook ..More

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Plumbing Vents, Why Houses Need Them (forget the water bottle analogy)

- When a lot of water drains through a plumbing fixture, it can be enough water to create a siphon effect, which has the potential to pull water right out of the plumbing trap. . In my blog about S-traps, I included a quick video clip of an unvented drain having water siphoned out of it, leaving the trap with far less water than it should have had. As I mentioned in last week’s blog post, every plumbing fixture has a trap, which prevents sewer gas from entering the building ..More

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Walabot Wall Scanner demonstration

- I made a video showing how it works. I’ve seen several online advertisements for it and I’ve been curious, but I wasn’t willing to fork over $100 to find out. The Walabot DIY Wall Scanner is essentially a glorified stud finder for Android phones. . The price recently dropped from $100 to $50 and a couple of people in my company asked about it, so I ordered one to test it out ..More

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Fire separation between the garage and house; don’t say firewall

- The building code is silent on this matter. What’s not covered by this section is any mention of mudding and taping of joints. . It’s up to the Authority Having Jurisdiction to decide whether or not the joints in drywall need to be mudded and taped ..More

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